Terms and conditions of the “Supercharge Your Trading” contest

1. General provisions

1.1. The name of the contest “Supercharge Your Trading” (hereinafter – the Contest).
1.2. The contest is organized by the information portal Invest Club Hub (hereinafter – the Organizer) within the advertising company of the partner Credit Financier Invest Ltd.
1.3. The contest is held during a calendar month: it begins on the 1st of the current month at 23:00 Eastern European time (UTC+3) and ends on the 1st of the following month at 22: 59 and will be restarted in each following month at the discretion of the Organizer.
1.4. Registration for the next monthly contest takes place from the 1st day of the current month and ends on the 20th day of the next month. I.e., the Participant does not have to participate in the Contest from the very beginning.
1.5. The prize fund of each monthly contest is 2000 USD, which are distributed among the winners as follows: the three participants with the largest amounts of funds on their accounts (equity) at the end of the Contest (taking into account the balance as well as all open positions) will receive real cash prizes to their bank account.
1st prize – 1000 USD;
2nd prize – 600 USD;
3rd prize – 400 USD.

2. Participants

2.1.Persons who have reached the age of 18 are allowed to participate in the Competition.
2.2. Each Participant must register on the portal investclubhub.com
2.3. The Participant agrees that the real name and surname specified during registration will be visible to everyone and will be displayed in the rating of the Contest, and when taking one of the prizes, your personal data can be indicated on the pages of the Organizer’s social networks. Contact details (phone and email) will not be published anywhere.
2.4. Asset managers, representing brokers, clients of asset managers, as well as companies are not eligible to participate in this Competition.
2.5. The contest is limited to one contest account for each participant. Collusion is also prohibited, thanks to which it is possible to hedge transactions in opposite directions with one trading instrument on different accounts. The participants caught in this will be disqualified.
2.6. The Company reserves the right to reject or disqualify any participant without explaining the reasons. The reason for disqualification may be the opening of a large number of opposite orders with the same currency pairs on different trading accounts at about the same time, as well as the use of failures in the flow of quotes to obtain guaranteed profits or any other types of fraud.
2.7. By registering in the Contest, the Participant acknowledges all the restrictions and rules that apply to the Contest.

3. Trading Conditions

3.1. After registration in the Contest, the Participant receives a competitive trading account.
3.2 A virtual currency in the amount of US $ 10,000 will be credited to the contest account.
3.3 The contest account will be active until the end of the current contest month and will not participate in the Contest for the next month. In order to participate in the Contest next month, each participant must register a new Contest Account for this period from the 20th of the current month.
3.4. All trading orders opened at non-market prices are subject to cancellation. The contest administration also reserves the right to disqualify the account if trading at non-market prices is detected on it.
3.5. Participants of the contest can use trading advisors and any trading strategies without any restrictions.
3.6 The leverage is 1: 100.
3.7. The minimum transaction size is 0.01, the maximum is unlimited.
3.8 All CFI Invest trading instruments are available for performing trading operations, as well as on a real account.
3.9. The maximum number of simultaneously opened transactions, including pending orders, is unlimited.
3.10. The Stop Out level is 20%.
3.11. The trading turnover on the participant’s competitive account until the end of the competition (i.e. until the end of the month) must be at least 30 lots.
3.12. All other trading conditions for competitive accounts are similar to the trading conditions for real trading accounts in Credit Financier Invest Ltd.

4. Publication of results

4.1. During the entire Contest, the level of funds on the Participants ‘ accounts is freely available for viewing on the company’s website.
4.2. The Organizer reserves the right to publish the accounts of the Participants after the end of the contest.
4.3.The statistics of the countries and regions from which the registration of the contest accounts of Participants takes place may be subject to publication.
4.4. The results of the Contest are published on the website and on the social network pages of the Organizer within 14 days after its completion and all necessary checks are carried out.

5. Determining the winners

5.1. After the end of the current contest, all transactions of the contest participants are automatically closed at the current prices.
5.2. If two Participants have the same rating in the Contest, the decision on the allocation of seats between the two Parties is accepted by the Organizer.
5.3. The winners agree to the publication of their real names.
5.4. To determine the winners of the Competition used a rating that is calculated by summation of the profits for all positive transactions, and subtracting the loss of all negative trades.
5.5. The same Participant cannot receive a prize twice within one month.
5.6. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse registration to the Participant without explaining the reasons and disqualify the Participant during or after the Contest on the basis of direct and indirect evidence of attempts by the Participant to carry out any fraud with prize funds.

6. Receiving the prize

6.1. The winners must open and verify accounts with Credit Financier Invest Ltd within 30 calendar days after the announcement of the results of the competition.
6.2. Cash prizes will be credited to the Organizer of each winning Party, Bank transfer (transfer by account number or card number).
6.3. Winner acknowledges that any activity on a real trading account opened by the administration of the contest or winner, recognized them perfect and governed in accordance with the agreements and rules Credit Financier Invest Ltd.
6.5. The Organizer reserves the right to declare the previously awarded prize invalid and subject to cancellation on the basis of direct and indirect evidence of attempts by the Participant to carry out any fraud aimed at laundering the contest funds.

7. The language of the terms of the Promotion

7.1. The main language of the terms is Russian.
7.2. For the convenience of customers, the Company may provide a translation of the terms of the Promotion into other languages. This translation is purely informative in nature.
7.3. In case of any discrepancies between the Russian version of these terms of the Promotion and their translation, the Russian version is considered to be the priority.

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