July 2021. Market operation on pre-holiday and post-holiday days

July 4: US Independence Day 

Product2nd of July 20215th of July 20216th of July 2021
All instruments RegularRegular Regular
XAUUSDRegularEarly close 19:44Regular
XAGUSDRegularEarly close 19:44Regular
XPDUSDRegularEarly close 19:44Regular
XPTUSDRegularEarly close 19:44Regular
US Stocks RegularClosed All DayRegular
EU Stocks /UK StocksRegularRegularRegular
US30RegularEarly close 19:59Regular
NAS100RegularEarly close 19:59Regular
SPX500RegularEarly close 19:59Regular
UK 100RegularEarly close 22:29Regular
GERMANY 30RegularEarly close 22:29Regular
US30 (US Wall Street 30 Index Futures)RegularEarly close 19:59Regular
US500 (US SPX 500 Index Futures)RegularEarly close 19:59Regular
UT100 (US Tech 100 Index Futures)RegularEarly close 19:59Regular
UK100 (UK 100 Index Futures)RegularEarly close 22:29Regular
DE30 (Germany 30 Index Futures)RegularEarly close 22:29Regular
Natural Gas RegularEarly Close 19:59Regular
US OIL RegularEarly Close 19:59Regular
UK OIL RegularEarly Close 20:29Regular
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